With 22 dead and 59 wounded, there are at least a dozen young people from whom nothing has been known since last night. One of them is Olivia Campbell, a teenager who attended the concert as part of her friend Adam’s birthday present. Both are missing.
In fact, her mother, Charlotte, has explained in conversation with CNN that she last saw her daughter around 8:30 p.m. «It’s the most horrible feeling in the world not knowing anything about my daughter, I do not know, I do not know if she’s alive or dead, I do not know how people can do this to incalid children,» he said.
Adam’s friends and family have spread their image on social networks.
Deborah Hutchinson is also looking for her daughter and her son-in-law. Courtney Boyle and Philip Tron were at the Manchester Arena at the time of the attack. «Please share and help me find them,» he wrote on Facebook.
Nor do you know anything about Martyn, a young man desperately looking for his friends.
Neither Chloe nor Liam, who were inside the Manchester Arena during the show.

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